I know several people who spend hundreds of dollars decorating their Christmas tree each year, yet they don't consider their Christmas gift wrapping. 

Believe it or not, your Christmas gift wrapping should always be thoughtfully considered when decorating your Christmas tree since it is part of the overall decor. 

Here are a few ideas for wrapping your gifts to coordinate with your Christmas tree.

Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas - Red, Black, Gold

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The gifts shown above are from my personal Christmas tree this year. 

The Christmas tree theme is rustic glam, city girl and country boy, hunting chic, contemporary rustic, or something like that. 

The main colors are red, a touch of black, and shiny gold. 

The dominant patterns repeated throughout the Christmas tree and gift wrap are black and red buffalo plaid and shiny gold deer heads (on the black ribbon and gift tags). 

Note that there are 5 gifts each wrapped a little differently, but they all coordinate. 

There is a black and red buffalo plaid gift bag with black tissue and a black ribbon with shiny gold dots.  There is a kraft paper box with black ribbon showcasing shiny gold deer heads and another with red and black buffalo plaid ribbon.  There is a gift wrapped in black wrapping paper and a shiny gold gift box each with black and red buffalo plaid ribbon.  

Note that the ribbons are tied 3 different ways - the black ribbon loops around the box once and is located towards the top third of the box, the black wrapping paper box and shiny gold gift box have the ribbon wrapped around twice and centered, and the brown kraft paper box with the red ribbon has the ribbon wrapped around twice with the bow in the upper right corner. 

As I wrap more gifts, I will mix and match wrapping paper with different ribbon to create even more variations on the same theme. 

Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas - Simple kraft paper

The gifts shown above are my Christmas gifts from last year. 

My Christmas tree last year was very different from my Christmas tree this year. 

Last year's theme was contemporary farmhouse. 

The Christmas tree had wide gray burlap garland with silver and white ornaments. 

It was very neutral in color and not too flashy.

I wrapped all of the gifts last year with brown kraft paper and jute twine, however all of the different shapes added interest. 


Don't Ignore Your Christmas Gift Wrap - Your Christmas Gifts are Part of Your Christmas Tree Decorations

Whatever the theme or color scheme of your Christmas tree this year, please consider your gift wrap part of your Christmas tree decorations. 

Don't just purchase whatever is on sale or use whatever you have left over from last year. 

To make it easy on yourself, you can wrap all your gifts all year in brown kraft paper and change out the ribbons and bows to suit the occasion. 

Your gifts may sit under your Christmas tree for up to a month, so they are not just a way to disguise what is inside the gift box - they should be beautiful!


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